Thursday, September 29, 2016


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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


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 Last one week on wards Indian as well as global markets are consolidating mode , this is very good opportunity build good portfolio for investors, they get their favourite  stocks in recenable prices.


   Now come to the point I have recently recommended  "SREE RAYALSEEMA HI - STRENGTH HYPO LTD " @ 119 level ,stock is now trading around 122 , I believe small investors are underestimated this stock because of this is not moving fast !!! but real fact may be big HNI'S  accumulating this stock @ certain level they don't get sufficient quantity , so they lock the share price in range and buying from retail investors!!!. Today is the AGM of this company, any clarification of new plant set up in Karnool is announced may be big trigger for up move  this stock. So who miss the gem earlier may buy @ current price, and investor  to holding this stock having good  patience may add more in  this stock.


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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


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I have recommended "ENERGY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD "  on February 2016 @ 43.50  level , toady stock hit 221 !!!! So just 7 month investor earn 5 times !!!!!





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 I have recommended "MUKTA ARTS LTD "  42 level on November 2015, stock today hit 102.50 with up freez !!!!!!!!!!!, so just 10 month investor earn 150 % !!!!



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Thursday, September 22, 2016


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   Nifty nearing 9000 mark, investors earn lots of money in last 7 months, I think  retail investor not focus on index, so many mid and small cap stocks still trading reasonable value so retail investor more concentrate this types of stocks rather then index. Now today we are discussing one stock from chemical sector for medium to long term investments , chemical sector stocks are favourite in stock market , but lots of good fundamental stocks are still trading very low valuation 


  Sree rayalaseema Hi- Strength Hypo Ltd(SRHH ) , a part of TGV Group is the only INDIAN MANUFACTURER of CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE  and one of the very FEW IN THE WORLD.Company has been know for decades of deducated reaserch and development in WATER TREATMENT and PURIFICATION.


  SRHH's principal business is manufacturing and sale of industrial chemicals and genaration and distribution of power. The company has presence in both domestic as well as international markets.SRHH's productsbasket includes CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE, STABLE BLEACHING POWDER, ALUMINUM SULPHATE. MONOCHLORO ACETIC ACID ,SULPHURIC ACID , OLEUM AND HYDROGEN GAS .


  SRHH is engaged not only in the production of inorganic chemicals but in generation of power through wind and thermal sources as well.Company run in a 10MW Thermal power plant in Gondiparla which is situated in kurnool distric in Andhra Pradesh while its wind power units are situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. Comapny's majority of revenues coming from chemicals (84 % ) balance 16 % from power business.

   AQUAFIT is one of the major product from SRHH,  about this product

    Water is life's matter and Matrix, mother and medium. It touches billions of lives daily, quenching their every need- from the very act of living to cleansing, from production to recreation. Aquafit ,a high grade Calcium Hypochlorite has very wide application in swimming pools and drinking water treatments. It is one of the few in the world and the only one in India, to manufacturer and export Calcium Hypochlorite of 65% - 70 % Min Chlorine content.


  Promoter holding 55.31 % stake , company posted 95 cr top line and 3 cr bottom line ( this quarter 3 cr depreciation ) with an EPS of 2.1 . Book value of this company stands 130. Compay projected sales in FY 17 around 425 cr and expected net profit 23 cr , EPS around expecting 17, stock is now trading just 7 PE forward earnings. Water treatment segment is always growing sector this peer group  company's trading around 18 PE. SRHH is very safe investment bet for investor this one stock is low risk high return types of stock in future, 425 cr top line and 23 cr bottom line ( fy 17 projected ) company's market cap is just 170 cr !!!. Investor can buy this stock @ current price and buy more in correction (if any ) and hold their portfolio ,I believe this stock may give 5 fold return in long term. Stock trading both NSE and BSE @ 119 level.

  Before buying any stock take advice from certified person.

  Disclosure :- I am holding this comapny shares in my portfolio.





Thursday, September 15, 2016


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  Today we are discussing stock from housing finance & construction segment stock for medium to long term investments.



    Coral India Finance and Housing Limited is one of the Housing Development Company in India with two segments viz. Finance & Construction. Coral India Finance and Housing Limited group has developed projects spread across commercial complexes, residential developments. It has several ongoing projects. Each project bears a stamp of thoughtful solutions and highest quality. The company has specialists from India working on various aspects including design, landscaping, engineering and structural strength of each of the developments.


  The Company was incorporated with the objects to provide all types of Financial Services including bill discounting, Raising & placement of funds, placement of securities, advising on investments of funds, financial consultants, project counseling& advisory services etc., and to carry on business as Builders, Developers, Contractors for all types of Construction work, including land and property development and Real estate dealers.


  Promoter holding 73.96 % stake in company, coral finance posted 3.52 cr top line and 2.08 cr bottom line ( 60 % and 56 % jump from last year ) , in latest quarter ended June 2016,  expected  EPS for this year around 9. Coral finance having 79 book value, stock trading just 1 time to book value, is very low  compare to  peer group, coral finance is trading just 85 cr market cap but company's total investment  in  other stocks is now value around  100 cr !!!. The big triger in this stock is land value, company holding 20000 square meter land in  Thane. This company is debt free company.  so investor is getting real estate value free !!!!. Investor can buy this stock for medium to long term portfolio, this stock may give multiple return for investors. Stock is trading only in BSE  @ 86 level.

     Before buying any stock take advice from certified person.

     Disclosure :- I am holding this company's shares.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


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            Indian stock markets are moving towards  new all time high levels now investors are more concentrated stock specific to build good medium to long term portfolio. Now today we are looking into one stock, this is potential to give multiple return in your portfolio.




   SACHETA METALS LIMITED, are one of the major manufacturers & exporters of Aluminium, Stainless and mild steel Houseware kitchenware Utensils - Casting - Sheet – Coils - Circles, Non Stick Cookware - Pressure Cooker, Foil Chaquered sheet, PP Caps / Slug & other Houseware & also Stainless Steel Kitchenware in India.


All of Utensils are particularly safe for Cooking and storing purpose. While designing and manufacturing these Utensils due care has been given to hygiene and maintain a high of quality control. All of Utensils are absolutely leak proof, Light and ever bright aluminium products are preferred to others because they take heat very fast, saving fuel and time and they are also easy to clean.

 The company has established a vast clients in all parts of INDIA and in all over the WORLD.  SACHETA’s brand is a well known and accepted in to various International Centre/s including the following Business Centres ::


DubaiCongo Kuwait Aden Kabongo
Doha Nacala Hong kong Muscat Namibia
Ethiopia Jeddah Maritius Malavi South America
Yemen Dammam France South Africa Kenya
Somaliya Riyadh Singapore Mombasa Eriteria



         Promoters increased stake to 70.28% from 68 % in latest quarter, company posted 14 cr top line and 0.15 cr bottom line in June 2016 quarter, so company is posting good results and aim to reach higher margin in coming years is push to stock price higher in coming days , investor have good patience can buy @ current price and hold in their portfolio for good return in medium to long term. Stock trading only in BSE @ 44.50 level.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

How To Adjust Your Portfolio In A Bear Or Bull Market.

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  Today I am posting one interested article from investopedia this will help how behaviour Bull or Bear market , author is  Aaron Levitt.

Investment success generally hinges on long-term thinking; however, most investors can’t help but worry about day-to-day shifts with their portfolios. Some of that worry is certainly justifiable given the recent increases in volatility over the last few years. Truth be told, both bull and bear markets are completely dissimilar animals and behave quite differently.

While investors shouldn't completely change their long-term plans at the drop of a hat, making simple adjustments to a portfolio can help cushion losses or exaggerate gains. Even the smallest retail investor can benefit from making some tweaks to his or her portfolio allocations, depending on the market, and see results. Bull or bear, there are chances to move with the market’s flow.
Volatility Reigns Supreme

History has shown that the stock market and the economy move in cycles that repeat over and over; therefore, understanding the different stages of the economy can help guide your investment decisions. Market conditions come in two flavors: bull and bear. Each comes with their own set of nuances.

Bull markets are generally defined as periods when investors are showing immense confidence. While, technically, a bull market is a rise in value of the market of at least 20% - such as the huge rise of the Nasdaq during the tech boom - most investors apply a much looser meaning to the term.

Indicators of this confidence include rising stock prices and surges upward in major market indices like the venerable Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE:DIA). Conversely, safe-haven assets, like gold and bonds, will fall by the wayside in the face of a bull market. Additionally, the volume of shares traded is higher, and even the number of companies looking to tap the equities market 
via IPOs increases. Other economic factors such as consumer confidence, natural resource demand and better jobs data all play into this confidence.

On the flipside, bear markets are simply the opposite of a bull: a market showing a lack of conviction. Stock prices drift sideways or fall, indices fall and trading volumes are stagnant. At the same time, brokerage cash and bond balances generally are higher, headlines in your local newspaper's business section turn pessimistic, and all in all, investors feel less confident about the near future. While a few up or down days don't make a bull or bear market, two weeks or so of stock surges or declines could signal what kind of market we’ve now entered.

Adjusting for a Bear

Given that a bear market is all about a lack of confidence in the economy, investors should turn toward safe havens during this period. That could mean adjusting the percentage of bonds you hold upward. Essentially, a bond is a fancy IOU that companies and governments issue to fund their day-to-day operations or to finance specific projects.

Bonds are less likely to lose money than stocks are and can reduce your portfolio's losses during stock market declines. Secondly, bonds pay interest regularly, so they can help generate a steady, predictable stream of income from your savings in bad times. Adding a fund like Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (NYSE:BND) or iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond (NYSE:TLT), which both bet on high quality bonds, can be used to quickly gain access to the asset class. (See The Advantages of Bonds.)

At the same time, focusing on blue chip stocks could prove fruitful in bear markets. Blue chips are better equipped to handle any possible downturns in the market and their bulk offers advantages in a slowing and uncertain economy. These advantages include their larger dividends, ability to acquire floundering smaller competitors and lower volatility. The Guggenheim Russell Top 50 Mega Cap (NYSE:XLG) is a prime play on larger firms.

Finally, there are some alternatives investors can bet on to tackle the bear. Shorting stocks through an inverse ETF or adding bear market mutual funds could provide short-term relief from dwindling stock prices. At the same time, betting on market volatility or its “fear” through a vehicle like the iPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETN (NYSE:VXX) could make sense.

Let the Bull Run

Given all the euphoria that surrounds a bull, investors should feel confident to take on more risk. That means loading up on stocks with dodgier profiles. Certain sectors like energy, consumer discretionary and basic materials and/or commodities producers all do much better when the economy is cooking. These sectors tend to do exceptionally well during bull markets; overweighting them through various sector ETFs is a good idea.
Then there are emerging markets to consider. Given the fact that many of these nations are still going through their “growing pains,” stocks located in China or Brazil are considered a riskier bet than, say, multinationals in the United Kingdom or Germany. As such, funds like the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index (NYSE:EEM) tend to surge when the bull is running.

Finally, even in fixed income there are bull market plays. High-yield or junk bonds' return profiles have more in common with stocks than traditional bonds. At the same time, high-yielding real estate investment trusts (REITs) or pipeline master limited partnerships (MLPs) offer a chance to participate in rising stock prices as well as collect big dividend checks. A fund like the SPDR Dow Jones REIT (NYSE:RWR) is perfect bull market fodder.

The Bottom Line

While investors shouldn't feel compelled to change their portfolios radically in reaction to the market's daily moves, small adjustments in the face of a bull or bear market could be a prudent move. Adjustments to how the market perceives risk could save investors from catastrophic losses or help create exaggerated gains.