Sunday, August 31, 2014


In stock market lots of share trading daily but in that selecting a good low price fundamental multi after is very difficult. In early stage all turnaround stocks are looking scrap stocks for quick speculation trader as well as short time investors, just example my old recommend stocks like capline point lab, mps ltd, ceat ltd etc to my readers are in bellow 80 levels,after years all are seen the value of these company shares. Now I am publishing one more value createing stocks for long term  patience investors.
Company:- Orient Beverages Ltd(507690).
About company:- this company incorporated 1965 in kolkatta as a real estate activity,in early 1986 company diversified to bottle manufacturing units in Bihar to agreement to that times market leader in package waters and soft drink manufacturers like thums up,limca,citra etc BISLERI INTERNATIONAL to supply bottle and contract manufacturer of soft drinks, after bisilery sold soft drink brand to Pepsi and coca cola,besilery market share down to even 20% from more then 75%,that time orient beverages difficult days starts,but old founder company have owned 70000sq feet two shopping complex in hart of kolkatta given to good rent to makeup  bottle units loss, and some construction activities help company alive to 2014,now again sunny days ahead of orient breveges after BISIERI ENTER NEW BRAND SOFT DRINKS in eastern region in India,now company announced that deal to bse exchange.
company fundamental:-2.16cr equity face value of 10, sales latest quarter is 6.98cr,np 0.74cr an quarter EPs of 3.4,estimated 2015 annual EPs around 15. Company promotor are well know business background of poddar group.
Conclud;-this is only bse trading counter in PERIODIC CALL AUTION GROUP trading around 60 level with upper circuit,it is surely come out in these group to normal group next revision,now volue picking on ling term investors can buy  thier own risk.
Disclosure:- me and family holding and interested to invest this company.ANY QUIERY POST VALUE ABLE COMMENTS.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


1) in stock market money moving to active traders to patience investors.

2) don't  buy a stock because of low price.

3) don't  miss the stock,it's trading high price.

4) analysis stocks before buying not after

5) think slowly but act quickly.

6) todays small cap tomorrows large cap.

7) multibager become only long terms.

8) don't invest emergency money to stocks.

9)averageing prices in bear market is polish.

10) buy good fundamental stock when bears are throwing.


Friday, August 29, 2014


blue chip tex inds bse trading counter,company doing textaile related yarn manufacturing,mubai based small company comes with great turnaround story in recent years with good profit.Now company announced 12% divided this year,company look expanstion in exports market.promotir holding high in this company and small equity of 1.92cr whith more then 14eps company trading low or and good divided trading at 31 one can look one year prospects stock should cross 100 mark,who take little risk can buy this shares.details  result login