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   2018 is not a year like 2017 for stock market, 2017 is golden year for short term players, all most all stocks given minimum 100% in 2017, but i believe 2018 is DIAMOND year for long term stock pickers, it may  test their real  patience but return also like DIAMOND. It means selection of stock with sound promoters and potential business model also important.

  Today I am  sharing my opinion on one such stock for good business model to grow future with well track record promoters group. 


                            Focus Suites

  Incorporated in 2017, Focus Suits Solutions & Services Ltd (FSSPL ) is Market Research Company based in Bangalore having presence across 18 major countries in Asia, Middle East and Latin America. They offers Fieldwork, Panel Research and primary data collection services to the other Market Research Companies. They are a member of ESOMAR and CASRO.

 They have team of project managers who handled the project execution of different fieldwork across various industries like healthcare, automobiles, IT and telecommunications,
FMCG, Retail etc. They help their clients and assist them in making strategic decisions in their respective lines of business.

  Company's team of project managers have, over the years, built considerable expertise in project execution of different fieldwork across various industries like healthcare, automobiles, IT and telecommunications, FMCG, Retail etc. A high proportion of their revenues come from foreign markets.






   MRSS come out with IPO on 2015 July @ 13 per shares( BSE SME group ) stock given whooping 50 times in just 2.5 years!!! we discussed this stock on MMB that time also. Now same group recently come out with another IPO "Focus Suits Solutions & Services Ltd" @18 per shares. MRSS is the promoters of FSSPL.


 FSSPL is  posted revenue of Rs. 15.42 CR  with a net profit of Rs. 1.29 CR  for FY17. For first four months ended on 31.07.17 it has reported net profit of Rs. 0.56 crore on total revenue of Rs. 5.78 CR ( on consolidated basis)

  Market Research sector  having huge potential to grow in future, this company's promoters huge experience in this field and proved in MRSS. I strongly  believe this is good long term investment stock for patience investors. Stock trading only in BSE SME segment @ 33.65 level ( Market lot 8000 ) FSSPL  IS ANOTHER MRSS IN FUTURE ? Time will only answer...

 Website HERE

 NOTE :- I am not SEBI registered person, I just shared my opinion on this company, all above data taken from social media. THIS IS NOT BUY/SELL RECOMMENDATION. SME segment very low liquidity hence short term investor don't rush in this. BEFORE BUYING ANY STOCK TAKE ADVICE FROM CERTIFIED PERSON.

 Disclosure :- I am holding this stock for my portfolio.    


Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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       Wishing you and your family Happy Maha Shivratri

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   This article taken from financial express

  How to read quarterly financial statements; top 5 points to know

As an investor, some of you may be wondering why companies publish their quarterly financial statements apart from their annual reports. Of course, it is mandated by the law of the land and, most importantly, as per listing agreements with the stock exchanges, all listed companies need to disclose their quarterly financial results within 45 days from the end of the quarter in a specified format. Annual reports help investors measure the direction and consistency in the financial performance of a company, whereas quarterly financial reports gives an indication on its capabilities to achieve its long-term projections. Let us see some of the important parameters that you need to look at and what they mean.
Focus on sales
Two types of sales figures are reported in the quarterly financial report. One is gross sales and other one is net sales. Gross sales are popularly known as top line or total sales. A consistent increase in gross sales signals the growth in business. Net sales are calculated by deducting sales return, sales allowance, discount amounts from gross sales. Any unusual increase in sales returns and discounts are not really a good sign.
Operating profit
Operating profit is computed after deducting all operating expenses from net sales. These are the expenses which arise during the normal course running a business. This includes salary and wages to employees, rent, office supplies, electricity bills etc. Operating profits are also known as earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). Operating profitability reflects the prevailing business conditions and shows how efficiently the management is running the business.
Profit after tax
Profit after tax is popularly known as bottom line, which exhibits the company’s net earnings or losses made during the period. This is derived by deducting all expenses such as interest on loans, depreciation and amortization on assets and tax. The point to be noted is that though items such as depreciation and amortization are expenses there is no cash outflow for the company.
Earnings per share (EPS)
EPS is the amount of earnings made by a company per outstanding share. Outstanding share means those shares which are available in the market for trading. EPS is computed by dividing profit after tax by numbers of share outstanding. You could observe two types of EPS in the quarterly/annual financial statements, i.e. basic EPS and diluted EPS. Basic EPS is the total earnings per share based on the number of shares outstanding, whereas diluted EPS is computed if all convertible securities were exercised. Convertible securities refer to all outstanding convertible preference shares and convertible debentures. Unless the company has no additional potential shares outstanding, the diluted EPS will always be lower than the basic EPS. In the normal course of business, rising EPS is a good sign of a profitable company.
Interest expenses
It is the total sum of the interest paid on different loans taken by the company. Broadly, a company can avail short-term loan which is meant for managing the day to affairs such as working capital loans and may avail long-term loans which are meant for procurement of land, building, machinery etc. However, an increase interest expense depicts that the company has increased its debt. However, proper use of both short and long term debt is important along with rise in sales and profit otherwise rising interest will erase the profitability of a company.
Comparison helps
One cannot infer much by looking at the numbers in quarterly financial statement alone. It is essential to compare it with the prior periods to assess the direction in which the company is moving. One way of comparison is to compare the quarterly performance meaning which quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) basis and another one is based on year-on-year (YoY). QoQ is a comparison of a quarter just prior to the current quarter. For instance, a comparison of the quarter ended March 2016 with the quarter ended December 2015. This is also known as sequential comparison. However, YoY is the comparison of the quarter with the corresponding quarter a year ago such as comparison of the quarter ended March 2016 with the corresponding quarter a year ago.
Investors should not only look at the profit-related figures but also other details such as growth in sales on quarterly basis, changes in the debt equity structure, profit margin and whether company is able to contain the cost of goods sold and interest expenses. Generally, quarterly financial statements help you understand the direction in which a company’s business is moving.

Making a statement
A consistent increase in gross sales signals the growth in business
Operating profit is computed after deducting all operating expenses from net sales,
Profit after tax is popularly known as bottom line, which exhibits the company’s net earnings or losses made during the period.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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    Many quality company stocks not participated  in recent market rally, investors may identify them for decent profits. Today I am sharing my opinion on one such MNC stock, this stock still not attracted bull.


            SINGER INDIA LTD


   Singer India Limited is engaged in the manufacture of sewing machines, sewing machine heads and sewing machine needles. The Company is also engaged in the manufacture of domestic electro thermic appliances, domestic non-electric cooking and heating equipment, and other domestic appliances. Its segments include Sewing products, which includes sewing machine accessories, oil and needles, and Domestic Appliances, including irons and steam irons, food processors, mixers, toasters, kettles, air coolers and desert coolers. Its products are marketed under the brands, SINGER and MERRITT. Its products in zig-zag fashion makers category include 8280, Classic and 1507. Its products in electronic fashion makers category include Curvy 8770 and Brilliance 6180. Its products in straight stitch category include Tailor Deluxe and Merritt Tailor. Its products in industrial machines category include Stitch Master and Merritt Universal. It has manufacturing facilities for sewing machines at Jammu.

  Singer is 160 years old company mainly working in manufacturing of Sewing Mechanics, last year company enter into HOME APPLIANCES business in three segments 1) KITCHEN APPLIANCES, 2) HOME APPLIANCES, 3) PERSONAL CARE APPLIANCES :-


        food-preparation             coolers

    Netherlands based promoters holding 60.81 % stake in Singer India, this is debt free  MNC company, Singer paying regular dividends around 15 to 35 %, book value of the company stands 44.5, industry trading around 65 PE , this stock available reasonable 35PE. Last few quarters promoters reduced stake from 74 to 61%, but stock price not effect much this indicates some big investors may bought stake from  promoters, latest half year company posted 195 cr top line and 4.2 cr bottom line with 4 EPS, if we take into full year company may post EPS around 8 in this year. Singer mentioned going forward more concentrating  for home appliances business,this will bring more growth in top line as well as bottom line going forward. Tomorrow company's stock will split into 5 ( now face value 10, after split face value become 2 ) this will create more liquidity into stock. Coming union budget may provide more benefits for textile sector, then this company also get benefited, this stock not participated recent stock market rally, this is more safe for retail investors.Some patience long term investors dig more about this company and sector then they may get real value for investing. Stock trading only in BSE @ 57.45 ( adjusted 2re face value ).

Note :- This is not BUY /SELL recommendations and not Research Reports.all data taken from social media and posted here.Before buy/sell take advice from certified persons.

 Web site HERE          



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 I wish Happy Makara Sankranti to all my readers friends,



Friday, January 12, 2018


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   We have discussed TGVSL @ 59 level on November 2017, now stock trading around 84 level, today Company come out with Q3 Results , My view different from others ( many guys looking only net profit Quarter on Quarter ) My opinion on results given below :-

  TGVSL posted excellent result in all parameters ,we don't concentrate only in net profit ( carefully read Results again) in net profit front year on year company posted 220℅ growth ( last year 3.3 CR profit , this year 10.56 CR)top line also grown 11℅ ( 247 to 273 CR)

 If we take Quarter on Quarter basis sales grown 12℅ ( 244 to 273 CR) , net profit front company posted 10.56 CR ( last quarter 16.41 CR) now we look into how this profit comes down :- other expenses component last quarter 19.47 CR , last year 19.7 CR ..this Quarter 32.8 CR, so Company's other expenses grown 12 CR this Quarter ( company bought 23.4℅ stake in ncs sugars for power requirements contract, this 12 CR may spend for this ) in tax components deffer tax is 9.49 CR this Quarter ( last year 1.28 and last quarter 3.38 CR) this Quarter provision made 6.5 CR more compare with last quarter, and 8 CR compare from last year , power cost also increased more compared last quarter ( 88 CR to 103 CR ) 

 Now come to the point :-  year on year basis Company done excellent , if we consider this view on Quarter on Quarter basis then Quarter on Quarter also excellent :- 12 + 6.5 = 18.5 CR if add to this in to profit 10.56+18.5 =profit is 29.5 CR . I believe this 18.5 CR is one time , Company EPS for full year may come above 6 ( current price 84 stock just trading 14 PE  is very reasonable for this market)  Patience long term investors consider this is good bet...

Disclosure :- Holding shares of TGVSL.

This is not Buy / Sell recommendation or research reports, just shared my view on company's Results only.

Latest  Credit Rating HERE

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JOURNEY FROM 2014 TO 2017..........

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                        Here in the below sheet , I have listed down  my opinions on the stocks that we have discussed from 2014 till today.

This is not to highlight my work, this is only for after reading the followers comments after deleting the posts.

I am will be grateful to people who have had faith in my work and benefited from work.

Please note : Split/ Bonus rates are adjusted and colored in green                          color on scrip code column.
                     NSE SME segment stocks are colored                       in blue.