Thursday, February 23, 2017


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  I have recommended "KATWA UDYOG " @ 50 level on July 2015, today stock hit 183 , so investors earn 3.6 times return in just 19 months !!!!



Monday, February 20, 2017


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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


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  Today we are discussing Storage Media & Peripherals segment stock for long term portfolio investor.


                          COMPUAGE INFOCOM LTD     

 Compuage, one of India’s leading IT distribution company, over the years has trail blazed its way into being the most sought after, value added distributor of global IT brands. Having a nationwide presence, Compuage is a system oriented and process driven company. Added to this, is a strong IT enabled distribution backbone, a solid financial and inventory management system, a young and dynamic sales team and a committed channel spread across the country. Headquartered at Mumbai, Compuage, has been growing at a rapid pace and has an ambitious blue print for further expansion.


Global  Alliance

Compuage with its ever growing alliances with Global IT giants, has to its credit, many successful introductions of technological innovations and a wind array of world class products in the Indian IT market.

The Global Alliances have given plumage to Compuage to fledge its wings succesfully in the distribution arena. Some of our Global partners are: Cisco, micro soft, jio, lenevo ect.



 Compuage offers technical expertise that assures complete reliability and performance. Armed with a well-trained team of service personnel, we offer complete after sales support. Compuage an Authorised Service Providers for ASUS, CREATIVE, FUJIFILMS, HP optical drive, LITEON, RELICELL & TOSHIBA.


Management comments :-


Compuage Infocom Ltd, a Mumbai-based information technology and mobility products (smartphones, tablets) distributor having revenues of over Rs 3,000 crore, expects sales to grow at a robust rate of 40 per cent in FY17.

With 28 vendors or clients, the company (smaller but comparable peer to Redington (India)) plans to increase its presence from 485 cities catering to 9,000 channel partners to 750 cities and 11,000 channel partners in FY17. It has already added eight-nine new vendors in the first half of FY17.

The company targets to become a billion dollar company by FY19 by adding four-five vendors every year, brands (filling product gaps), enter new markets/ cities and increase the share of fast-growing smartphones in revenues. 


Promoter holding 61.50% stake in company, compuage posted 882 cr top line and 3.98 cr bottom line with an EPS of 3.4 in latest quarter . Huge positive comments from management side and good scope for growing 30% annual is more re raring may happen in this company , so long term investor can buy this stock @ current price and hold their portfolio for a multiple return. Feb 17 is the record date for stock split into 2 rs face value from 10. Compuage trading both NSE and BSE @ 290 level .


Before buying any stock take advice from certified person.

Disclosure :- I am holding this shares in my portfolio.






Friday, February 10, 2017


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   I have recommended " FIBER WEB INDIA " @ 115 on October 2016 ,today stock hit 224, so investor earned almost 100% return in just 4 months.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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   2017 year is more confidence in local fund managers and retail investors, is proved in stock market  index and stocks.In beginning from this year some huge debt burden stocks are raising very sharply for revival hopes, more debt stocks are in infrastructure and Construction & Engineering segments. Stocks like Jp groups, gvk, lanco and Ivrcl are given 50 to 100 % return in 1.5 months. Past 3 years we have discussed lot of stocks here with good fundamental and huge potential to grow in future, we don't discussed any penny stocks here, but today we are discussing one  penny stock for pure risk taker or say like gambling.





   Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited  is  a  leader in the industrial EPC market, has been providing state-of-art technology solutions to its clients for about 7 decades now. Hind door have a pan India presence, with offices in every major city in India - Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkota, Delhi and Ahmedabad


  HDO has been involved in major industrial projects in areas of Mining and Minerals, Water and Wastewater, Fertilizers and Chemicals and Pulp and Paper. Company  have done water management and effluent treatment for all major refineries in India in the past five years. Hind door  have an excellent presence in Uranium ore processing from supplying equipment to the first uranium mill in Jagududa to now providing the complete uranium ore processing plant at Tummalapalle in Andhra Pradesh. Company have excellent presence in Alumina refineries working on all new Greenfield projects in the last five years. Ninety percents of phosphatic fertilizer plants were installed by HDO. Hind door  have the capability of providing the entire pulp mill. Company  focus on quality and excellent project execution skills have brought us repeat business from our clients sometimes on purely nomination basis.


  Ivrcl is the promoter of this company, have 55.28 % stake, Before 2008 Hind door is the darling stocks for investors and given massive returns, as all you know after 2008 company from this sector have badly hit but debt and high interest cost and lower corporate governance. After 2008 Hind door not posted good results or good order flows, but every 3 to 6  month  period some rumors in market about  Essel infra ( A ZEE GROUP ) is looking to buy this company. Last one week promoter group of Hind door (IVRCL) stock zoomed 50 % but Hind door is only given 10%return in this period . I strongly believe now again that rumors will come and stock will give 50 to 60 % short time return. So high risk taker short time investors can buy this stock @ current level and watch closely the price and exit @ decent profit. Stock trading both NSE and BSE @ 12.60 level. (THIS  NOT   FUNDAMENTALLY STRONG  STOCK , LOW RISK TAKER CAN  AVOID THIS STOCK )

  Before buying any stock take advice from certified person

 Disclosure :- I have some short time position in this stock

Monday, January 30, 2017


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   Today we are discussing Textiles sector stock for short to medium term investments


          Kallam Spinning Mills Limited


                 Kallam Spinning Mills Limited

   Kallam Spinning Mills Limited is one of the largest producers of spun yarn for the knitting and weaving industries in the Andhra Pradesh.


Offering a diverse product line to fulfill demands of customers worldwide, we have perfected our spinning processes by applying state-of-the-art automated technology and innovation to every phase of our yarn manufacturing process.


 Headquartered in Guntur, Kallam Spinning Mills Ltd. was founded in 1994 by a group of managing partners with a desire to build a high quality yarn manufacturing company.


While Kallam is a relatively young company in terms of textile firms, the management team of Kallam Spinning has many years of experience in the yarn manufacturing field. Starting with one open-end spinning facility in Guntur, the company, since its inception, has grown into one of the largest producers of 100% cotton and cotton-blend yarns in the world.


Promoter holding 47.93% stake in company, Kallam spinning posted 131 cr top line and 6.34 cr bottom line  in latest half year ended 2016-17 ( last full year net profit was 5.91 cr ) half year company posted 9.25 EPS and stock trading just 7.2 PE forward. Around 300 cr top line company tading just 91 cr market cap !!! book value of kallam spinning is 109 stock trading just 1.22 times its book. (Company fixed record date for stock split face value 10 to 2 on Feb 2 2017) so investor can buy this stock @ current price and hold for short to medium term in their portfolio it will give decent return. Stock trading only in BSE @ 130 level.

Before buying any stock take advice from certified person

Disclosure :- I am holding this stock.


Friday, January 20, 2017


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  Today we are discussing one stock from Containers & Packaging segment for medium to long term investments.


                           HALDYN GLASS LTD


   Haldyn Glass Limited (HGL) (Formerly known as Haldyn Glass Gujarat Limited) incorporated in 1991, promoted by Haldyn Corporation Limited (Formerly known as Haldyn Glass Limited) in the state of Gujarat, India. Haldyn Corporation Limited is a closely held company engaged in manufacture of Soda Lime Flint & Amber Glass containers since 1964,currently has total melting capacity 320 tons per day comprising of two Glass Melting Furnaces (220 + 100 tons per day capacity) and 10 I.S. machines which gives us leverage over the competition in manufacturing a very wide range of containers from 10 ml to 1000 ml. The I.S. machines are capable of producing 1.5 million high quality containers every day.


 Manufacturing of quality glass is ensured by proper glass conditioning with the aid of Automatic Temperature Control System for fore-hearths. Furnaces are built with high quality imported refractories, Electronic Furnace Control equipment including CC cameras imported from Europe which are installed inside the furnaces. I.S. machines are electronically controlled. CAD-CAM facility is used for designing and manufacturing of the moulds. In-house foundry helps in producing quality material for moulds. Containers manufactured by us go through various stages of stringent quality tests including Thermal Shock, Pressure and Stress Tests. Captive Power Generation Plant using clean fuel (natural gas) ensures uninterrupted power supply.


Local Clients List












Liquor manufacturing industry use these bottles with capacities ranging from 60ml to 1000 ml in various shapes and sizes for packaging Whisky, Gin, Brandy, Vodka and other liquor products. industry use these bottles with capacities ranging from 60ml to 1000ml in various shapes.Cosmetics industry use these clear bottles for packaging products like nail-polish, perfum- es, hair oil and toiletries that look vibrant in different colours industry use these bottles with capacities ranging from 60ml to 1000ml in various shapes.


 Food and Beverages industry uses these bottles to package consumable products. The clear transperancy of the Bottles gives shelf appeal to the products ndustry use these bottles with capacities ranging from 60ml to 1000ml in various shapes.


Promoter holding 52.5 % stake in company, Haldyn posted 87 cr top line and 4.60 cr net profit in latest half year ended 2016-17 (last full year  profit was 6.60cr). Company growing good phase and expected net profit above 9 cr in this full year is more encouraging. Investor can buy this stock @ current price and hold medium to long term it will may give good return in portfolio. This is low risk good return type stock, Haldyan  trading only in BSE @ 32.70 level.


The above is not a research report but information as available on public domain.

  Before buying any stock take advice from certified person.

  Disclosure :- I am holding this company shares .